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JEC  - Jabbour Electric Co. main function has been providing a services to various Electricity Undertakings with maintenance, diversions and upgrading of existing systems. Our engineers, jointers and technicians have each had over 25 years experience with installations of oil filled, gas filled and XLPE cables up to 33 kV. 
JEC . Jabbour Electric Co. signed several contracts with many Syrian Companies for  various projects at very competitive prices. These  include: New installations , Refurbishment, and Upgrades directly for Utilities and on turnkey projects.

The following cables are available:-

*         XLPE insulated, PVC sheathed armoured cables (600/1000V) to BS5467.

*         XLPE insulated, LSZH sheathed armoured cables (600/1000V) to BS6724.

*         XLPE insulated, PVC sheathed power cables (19000/33000V) to BS6622 and   IEC502.

*         Firetec Mineral Insulated Cables acc. To BS5839-1 (02)

We believe that by providing guidance and technical support on the range of products available, you are more likely to make the correct informed decision for your needs, For more Cables Please call us at: 0933212585 to provide you of English Cables which very high Quality and competitive prices for the Syrian Government and Private Companies.